Faites les bons choix pour votre santé

Make the best choices
for your health

Yuka scans your products
and analyzes the impact on your health.
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100% independent project

Aucune influence des marques

No influence

Scores and recommendations are obtained independently, with no influence from brands or manufacturers.

Aucune influence des marques

No ads

No brand can promote their products in the app.

Aucune influence des marques

Responsible financing

The project relies on 3 types of responsible financing that eliminate any conflicts of interest which could compromise the objectivity of the analyses.

Evaluate the quality
of your foods

5 additifs
Trop sucré
Trop calorique
Mauvais - 5/100

Evaluate the
quality of your

Do you really know what you're buying? We do! Yuka scans and analyzes labels in the blink of an eye: you'll immediately see which products are good for you and which ones you should avoid.

You can also check the quality of your cosmetics!

1 Perturbateur endocrinien
3 Irritants
8 allergènes
Médiocre - 27/100

Also check the
quality of your
cosmetics !

Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, allergens, and irritants: cosmetic ingredients are full of hidden surprises. With Yuka, you'll find out exactly how safe your beauty products are for your health.

Get recommendations for
all the best products

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