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for your health

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Yuka mobile application - History

Evaluate the quality of your purchases

Do you really know what you're buying?
We do! Yuka scans your products and analyzes the impact on your health. In the blink of an eye, it deciphers labels for you: you see the products that are good and those that are best avoided.

Get recommendations for better products

When you scan a product with a bad score, Yuka recommends an equivalent product that is better for your health. These recommendations are made completely independently.

Recommendations of better products

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  • Yuka displays the history of scanned products. You identify the impact of each product on your health with a simple color code.
  • Yuka analyzes food products and explains the score of each product in a detailed product sheet.
  • Yuka analyzes cosmetics and hygiene products. To better understand a product's score you can access a detailed list of ingredients.
  • For mediocre or poor products that you have scanned, Yuka independently recommends similar products that are better for you.

User reviews

4.7 stars β€’ 300,000 reviews
  • Testimonial
    I am a Yuka SUPER FAN !
    I use to spend so much time analyzing labels, now it's really easy.
  • Testimonial
    It is great, practical, perfect and functional. I love this application 😍 it means we can eat healthy πŸ‘, well πŸ‘ and balanced πŸ‘. I definitely recommend it.
  • Testimonial
    I find this application amazing and extremely practical ! Really great!

A 100% independent project

No influence from brands

Product evaluations and recommendations take place in a completely impartial manner: no brand or industrial group can influence the ratings and recommendations.
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No advertising

Yuka does not display any advertising in the app. No brand can pay Yuka to promote its products.
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No data exploitation

Yuka does not exploit or resell any user data. This data remains strictly confidential.
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Healthy financing

Yuka's financing is based on a premium paid version of the app that give access to additional features and the sale of a Nutrition Program (only in french).
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