How is Yuka helping to make a difference?

How is Yuka helping to make a difference?

When we launched Yuka in January 2017 in France, we had a crazy idea: to help consumers make better choices for their health and to work together to compel manufacturers to improve the composition of their products. The app quickly gained popularity in Europe, proving the demand for greater transparency in product composition.

In January 2022, we launched the app in the USA and Canada, also achieving rapid success. Today, Yuka is available in 12 countries with over 55 million users. The United States is our fastest-growing market, adding nearly 600,000 new users monthly, with 25 products scanned every second.

We receive many testimonials from people who have changed their purchasing habits thanks to Yuka. That’s why we’ve decided to conduct a study among our American users to measure the impact of all these scans. Over 20,000 people participated, and we are pleased and proud to share the results with you.

Key takeaways from the study

Yuka enables healthier eating

92% of users have been buying fewer ultra-processed food since they started using the app.

Yuka is a true educational partner

89% of parents use the app with their children which helps raise their awareness.

Yuka has an impact on Users’ health

88% of users feel like they are in better health thanks to Yuka, and among them 21% declare they’ve lost weight.