How is Yuka helping to make a difference?

How is Yuka helping to make a difference?

When we created Yuka in France two years ago, we made a crazy bet: that we could help consumers make the right choices for their health, and that together with them we could exert sufficient leverage to drive manufacturers to improve their products.

Today, more than 17 million people have downloaded Yuka. Every day we receive many messages of thanks from users who have changed their shopping habits. So we were keen to truly measure our impact in France, in collaboration with an independent firm of experts (KIMSO) to understand to what extent Yuka is making a difference.

More than 200,000 French users took the time to respond to our questionnaire and 21 iconic food and cosmetics manufacturers also agreed to participate in this study. These results show that together we can make an impact on a grand scale! We are proud and pleased to share these results, in the hope that the application will have the same impact in other countries.

Key takeaways from the study

Yuka enables healthier eating

94% of users have stopped buying certain products.

Yuka makes food a priority again

83% of users are buying less but of better quality.

Yuka is having an impact on the industry

21 manufacturers speak out about the impact Yuka had on improving their products.

91% of users consider Yuka one of the most useful applications on their phone.