The basics

8 chapters to understand the basics of healthy eating

Meals of the day

Eating protein in the morning is important for feeling fit.
You should opt for vegetables at lunchtime, rather than carbohydrates.
Grown-ups are allowed to snack too! Here is the perfect snack to keep you feeling great until dinner.
Eat like a vegetarian in the evening and sleep like a baby!

Basics of nutrition

Carbohydrates affect our blood glucose, which is the amount of sugar in our blood.
We often think about animal protein, but there are also lots of plant-based proteins.
Fat plays a critical role in keeping us healthy, but we have to choose the right kinds of fat.
We do not eat enough fiber, even though it plays a crucial role in human health.
Antioxidants: miracle workers for the body
These molecules are essential in guarding our cells against a host of diseases.